American Airlines Baggage Policy: What Flyers Are Not Allowed To carry?

American Airlines Baggage Policy What Flyers Are Not Allowed To carry

When going on a trip, it is essential to familiarize oneself with the luggage laws and limits in place, as this will help one to avoid transporting any products that are prohibited by the American airlines baggage policy. At the time of check-in, this will save a significant amount of time for you. You will have a better understanding of the requirements for check-in luggage and carry-on baggage after reading this article.

In addition, if you have a position of authority in the military, you will be informed of the benefits to which you are entitled.

American Airlines Baggage Policy For Check-In Bags

Even if you purchase or earn an upgrade that offers free checked bags, there are still fees for each person, each check-in location, and each journey for each bag. If you believe the bag fee was applied inadvertently, According to the American Airlines Baggage Policy, you can contact an American airline representative for advice or file a refund request within 45 days.

How many bags can you carry:

  • Up to 10 bags are eligible for check-in for flights operating in:
  • Domestic
  • Transpacific
  • Transatlantic
  • Up to 5 bags can be checked on flights operating in
  • Mexico
  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Brazil,

23 kilograms is the maximum weight each passenger may carry. Make sure you know how much you can bring, or you’ll have to pay for additional luggage.

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American Airlines Baggage Policy Carry-On Bags

According to American airlines rules, you are allowed to bring one personal item and one carry-on on the trip as long as they can both fit easily beneath the seat and in the overhead bin, respectively.

Personal items requirements:

  • Size should not be more than 18x14x8 inches
  • Fits under the seat in front of you
  • Diaper bags, child safety seats, and other such mobility equipment don’t count as personal items.

Carry-on items requirements:

  • The appropriate size is 22x14x9
  • Must fit in the overhead bin
  • Make sure to label your carry-on and personal items as well
  • Musical instruments also count as a carry-on.

Baggage Allowance For Military Officials

american airlines baggage allownace for military officials

If you’re military personnel traveling on orders of the government, it is mandatory, according to the airlines policy, to show your ID and a copy of the recent orders on which you are working at the time of check-in so you can avail of all the military benefits.

Here are the benefits you can avail yourself if you are an active military official:

  • Carry up to 5 free bags
  • Bags weighing 100 lbs or 126 inches

Benefits when traveling personally:

  • 3 free bags
  • 50 lbs and 62 inches bags are allowed

If you’re traveling on orders, you will need to present your military-dependent ID and proof of active orders, which will make you eligible for all the above benefits.

American Airlines Baggage Fee

The bag fees may differ according to the situation; if you’re traveling within unites states, you will pay up to $30. The costs may also vary according to the weight, size, class in which you’re traveling, and distance of travel.

The fees may be higher in case you are traveling internationally or while you’re traveling with family, as there are chances of carrying more luggage.


RegionBag 1Bag 2Bag 3Bag 3
Central America$30$40 / $65$200$200

Here Are The Fees You Should Know Before Flying With American Airlines:

  • Fee for extra baggage: Here as well, the fees for the extra bags will differ according to American Airlines extra baggage fees and the number of bags the first bag will cost you around $30 to $75, and your second bag will cost between $40 to $100, and the third bag will be around $150 to $200. Most of the time, only three extra bags are allowed, but on some flights, American airlines also allow four bags which will cost you $200 for one way.
  • Fee for oversize bags: If you carry bags that are not according to the size that the airline provides, you will need to pay a fee under the American Airlines baggage policy. Fees for bags of size 62-128 inches is $200 one way. Although an oversize bag for Europe and South America will cost $150. Bags with sizes over 126 inches are not eligible for check-in.
  • Fee for overweight bags: According to American Airlines baggage fees, if you carry bags that weigh 51 lbs to 70 lbs, you will need to pay $150 per bag for one way. American Airlines allows only a few destinations for carrying a higher-weight bag than this, which will cost you $200-450.

American Airlines Item not allowed

Every airline has policies that do not allow some products or equipment to carry with you due to the safety of your own and the others traveling with you.

  • Alcoholic beverages that are over 70%
  • American Airlines does not allow animal products specifically to European destinations
  • Damage batteries, automobile, and aircraft batteries
  • Sprays for defense
  • However, the airline does not allow you to carry vapes as carry-on or checked baggage
  • No explosives or firearms (only handguns with licenses are allowed)
  • No flammable liquids

Frequently asked a question about American airlines baggage policy

How much weight is eligible on a flight as a carry-on?

You may usually check one bag and bring one on board with you. There is often a size limitation as well as a 50-pound weight cap per checked luggage. The most typical permitted maximum bag size is 62 linear (total) inches. So, the standard luggage dimensions for going through security are 27″ x 21″ x 14″.

What happens if my carry-on is too heavy?

You might have to check your carry-on at the airport if it is too large to fit in the overhead compartment. You’ll have to pay to check it at the gate if it’s too tiny to be checked on the aircraft. Due to the restricted space in the baggage compartments, there is a potential that your bags may need to be gate-checked (free of charge).

Is the backpack counted as a carry-on?

Many airlines will let you bring a bag as a personal item as long as it complies with their size requirements. You can bring a laptop, camera, or another external hard drive on flights because the normal domestic carry-on luggage dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9.3.

Is it ok if my carry-on is half an inch extra?

You might have to check your carry-on at the airport if it is too large to fit in the overhead compartment. You’ll have to pay to check it at the gate if it’s too tiny to check on the aircraft. Due to the restrictions on space in the baggage compartments, there is a potential that your bags may need to check at the gate.

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